A MONSTER CALLS: Parables and Healing | FCC 142

This image from A MONSTER CALLS shows Lewis MacDougall as Conor and Liam Neeson as the Monster.

In the film A MONSTER CALLS, Conor O’Malley (played by Lewis MacDougall) wrestles with the reality of losing his dying mother (played by Felicity Jones) with the help of a monster (played by Liam Neeson). Join us as we discuss plenty of Christian themes and so much more in this … Continue reading

No Greater Love in THE VILLAGE | FCC 47

This is an image from the film THE VILLAGE that shows a monster in a red cloak watching the village from afar.

On this episode of Finding Christ in Cinema, we go through the forbidden Covington Woods and look for Christian themes in M. Night Shyamalan’s THE VILLAGE. Are the Elders trying to suppress the truth from everybody else? Is there no greater love than that between Lucius and Ivy? All that … Continue reading

EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS | Monday Movie Review

This is an image from the film EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS that features Christian Bale as Moses and Ben Kingsley as Nun discussing Moses's real origin.

Just to get it out there: I was overly disappointed with Exodus: Gods and Kings. At times, too much spectacle floods the scene, and the drama is desert dry in others. Putting the “gyp” in Egypt, this film is swindled and dwindled at every corner from the original power of the familiar, … Continue reading

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