K-PAX: Spiritual Gifts and Mystery | FCC 127

This image from K-PAX shows Kevin Spacey as Prot and Jeff Bridges as Dr. Mark Powell.

In the 2001 film K-PAX, a mysterious drifter named Prot (played by Kevin Spacey) finds himself in a mental hospital and under the care of Dr. Mark Powell (played by Jeff Bridges). Before he returns to his home planet of K-PAX, Prot gives Dr. Mark Powell the spiritual gift of … Continue reading

HORNS | Monday Movie Review – Finding Christ In Cinema

This is an image from the films HORNS that features the character Ig first examining his horns in the mirror.

Horns : The Story In Horns, Ignatius “Ig” Perrish (played by Daniel Radcliffe) wakes up hungover one morning to a kettle of sign-swingers and reporters outside his house. The former group vocalizes their condemnation as the latter asks all the wrong questions. Ig is unfortunately the primary suspect in his girlfriend Merrin’s (played … Continue reading

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