CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR: Outside the Law is Love | FCC 111

This image from CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR shows Chris Evans as Captain America and Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man.

In CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR Steve Rogers and Tony Stark both want to save the world. Tony doesn’t want innocent blood on his hands. Steve knows that the Avengers can’t give up their own freedom. Join us as we discuss these Christian themes and so much more on the Finding Christ … Continue reading

Christian Freedom in DEAD POETS SOCIETY | FCC 23

This is an image from the film DEAD POETS SOCIETY, and it features Professor Keating standing on two desks in order to prove a point about perspective.

On this episode of Finding Christ In Cinema, we suck the marrow out of life as we find Christian themes in DEAD POETS SOCIETY. Is the Welton Academy a symbol for oppressive religion? Does that mean that Professor Keating is the Christ-figure who leads his disciples in a new way? … Continue reading

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