TRUE STORY | Monday Movie Review

This image from TRUE STORY shows Jonah Hill as Mike Finkel and James Fresco as Christian Longo.

Originally a selection at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, True Story is now streaming through your preferred online service, and it is a decent enough supplement to your intake of big studio, big budget productions. Based on the memoir of the same name, this film follows the loosely-based true account of ex-New-York-Times-author … Continue reading

FOXCATCHER | Monday Movie Review

This is an image from the film FOXCATCHER that features Steve Carell and Channing Tatum as John du Pont and Mark Schultz.

If truth is stranger than fiction, the true story upon which Foxcatcher is based is one of the most bizarre tales from the fringe of the hyper-wealthy, post-modern American subculture to emerge. The film follows Olympic gold medal wrestler Mark Schultz as he and his brother of equal accomplishments Dave Schultz … Continue reading

HORNS | Monday Movie Review – Finding Christ In Cinema

This is an image from the films HORNS that features the character Ig first examining his horns in the mirror.

Horns : The Story In Horns, Ignatius “Ig” Perrish (played by Daniel Radcliffe) wakes up hungover one morning to a kettle of sign-swingers and reporters outside his house. The former group vocalizes their condemnation as the latter asks all the wrong questions. Ig is unfortunately the primary suspect in his girlfriend Merrin’s (played … Continue reading

FRANK | Monday Movie Review

This is an image from the film FRANK that features Frank, Jon, and Clara in the American desert.

I can’t remember when or where I was when I first heard about Frank, but I was drawn instantly to the film when I did. My heart sank when I heard further that it was only being shown at the Sundance Film Festival, but it was revived when I later discovered … Continue reading

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