O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU: Treasures of the Heart | FCC 125

This image from O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU shows George Clooney as Ulysses Everett McGill.

In O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU, Everett has promised his chain-gang colleagues Pete and Delmar a treasure beyond comprehension, but none of them expected the obstacles that would come their way – many of which are caused by Everett’s own insulting of God. Join us as we discuss these Christian … Continue reading

TOMORROWLAND | Monday Movie Review

This image from TOMORROWLAND shows George Clooney as Frank Walked in a field looking at a distant city.

A slick, young hipster complains about the troubles of the world: war, famine, and big companies destroying the planet for a cool bajillion bucks. The local baby boomer offspring gripes about being cheated out his jet packs and flying cars. A tension rises between the two: the former blaming the latter … Continue reading

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