WAR ROOM | Monday Movie Review

This image from WAR ROOM shows Karen Abercrombia as Miss Clara and Priscilla Shirer as Elizabeth.

It’s not that War Room is too unrealistic – a common complaint about movies of similar stock – for prayer is immensely powerful, and we all know someone as eccentrically and selflessly devout as Miss Clara (more on her later) and someone else (like ourselves) as broken and in need of repair … Continue reading

OLD FASHIONED | Monday Movie Review

This is an image from the film OLD FASHIONED that features Rik Swartzwelder as Clay and Elizabeth Roberts as Amber sitting on the steps and going through the marriage counseling book.

If I’ve ever said anything bad about movies in the Christian genre (and you know I have…at least one of them), I am hereby now recanting such negativity because of Old Fashioned. This film is intelligently witty, competently profound, and most of all poignant (being released just in time to battle a … Continue reading

BELIEVE ME | Monday Movie Review

This is an image from the film BELIEVE ME that features rock star Gabriel leading a crowd in worship.

This week’s Monday Movie Review pick Believe Me comes from the Christ and Pop Culture Podcast #93. In this episode, alongside Derek Jeter’s curtain call and Bill Simmons’s suspension from ESPN, the podcasters speak highly of this film on several levels – mainly that it isn’t your average “Christian” film (like God’s Not … Continue reading

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