Fitting Together Perfectly in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY | FCC 43

This is an image from the film GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY that features Chris Pratt as Star-Lord as he flies the Milano.

On this episode of Finding Christ in Cinema, we crank up the Blue Swede and fight the Dark Aster as we look for Christian themes in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. What business do a thief, two thugs, an assassin, and a maniac have in the Kingdom of God? Will they … Continue reading

AMERICAN SNIPER | Monday Movie Review

This is an image from the film AMERICAN SNIPER that features Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle as he lines up his rifle for a shot.

As endearingly as Bradley Cooper plays American war hero Chris Kyle, the story of director Clint Eastwood’s latest film American Sniper still revolves around the sin of murder and its harrowing after-effects on those forced to commit it in times of war. But despite what some people are forcing themselves to … Continue reading

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