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In the film SAVING MR. BANKS, Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers (played by Emma Thompson) learns what grace means as she is restored by Walt Disney (played by Tom Hanks). Join us as we discuss these Christians themes and so much more on this episode of the Finding Christ in Tom Hanks Films podcast.

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A Spoonful of Grace Helps the Truth Go Down

Helen “P.L. Travers” Goff is overly protective of her artistic creations and understandably so. The Banks family and even Mary Poppins herself, according to Helen, are her family. She loves them more deeply than most people with whom she comes into contact. She loves this family she has created and will do anything to protect them.

When Walt Disney approaches Helen for the rights to vivify Mary Poppins on the silver screen, she has several hesitations. Whether by making her story a musical or by using cartoons, Helen is worried that Walt will make Mary into a farce and thus render her irrelevant fluff. No matter how many times Walt tries to convince her otherwise, Helen is still defensively wary of his tricks.

This image from SAVING MR BANKS shows Tom Hanks as Walt Disney.

The staunchest picture of this over-protective behavior is seen when, in a fit of passion, Helen takes the Mary Poppins script and throws it out the window. Of course, this is after she verbally destroys everything that scriptwriter Don DaGradi, music men Richard and Robert Sherman, and even Walt Disney have all done so far.

Her words are meant to tear down everything they’ve built and cut down everything they’ve cultivated in this endeavor, and it’s a picture of how Christians are not supposed to act. We’re called to be gracious in our sharing of the truth, not use the truth as a sword to destroy. We honor our Heavenly Father by being graceful toward others in the same way He is graceful toward us.

Saving Helen Goff

Helen’s retaliatory conduct stems from a lifetime of guilt and shame from not having a right relationship with her father. Furthermore, she bears the guilt and shame of not being able to save him. Walt knows all this when he makes his final attempt to reach out to her.

This image from SAVING MR BANKS shows Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as P.L. Travers.

She has remained obstinate through the whole process, but when Walt confesses his story of how he dealt with his father, Helen realized that she wasn’t alone in this kind of battle. Walt was able to lift her up and encourage her, and from that encouragement make her feel protected – another example of how the church is supposed to work in the world.

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