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Exciting (if Slightly Extinct) Science Fiction

What makes Jurassic World exciting is that its simple science fiction premise allows for plenty of humanity. Just like the 1993 original, the plot of this film stems from one idea: that scientists have discovered a way to bring dinosaurs back from extinction, and greedy business people want to make money with. The solution is to create a theme park fit for the king of the tyrants himself (as well as a few other familiar creatures, and even some new ones). Complications arise when one experiment gets loose and…well, no spoilers. But even if the formula has been tried a few too many times, it still remains truly entertaining even if on a superficial level.

Even if their characters initially foil each other, FCC’s very own Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard each give a stellar performance individually and even share a few magical moments together. Pratt, who plays the rugged hero Owen, believes that the dinosaurs should be loved as if they weren’t born in a lab and solely purposed for the theme park attractions. And Howard, who plays the coolly scientific Claire, at first believes that the bigger-and-badder the dinosaur, the better for both investors and clientele. The two become symbols for their respective themes, and as the story progresses, we see which one gives way for the other.

As awe-inspiring as it is to stare some of these prehistoric predators face-to-face, one has to ask if all the CGI was worth it. Surely, the dinosaurs looked cool, and to be honest, I didn’t catch any malfunctions in the execution of it all because I was so wrapped up in all of the action. But as someone who favors the effectiveness of simplicity over the entropy of all things at all times, I took in Jurassic World as having a seemingly decent balance of each, although after some extracurricular reading, I can’t help but wonder how much of the film was CGI and what wasn’t.

This image from JURASSIC WORLD shows Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard standing beside a broken gyrosphere.

The Christian Angle: Resurrection

All that being said, Jurassic World is still a great film that even provides the opportunity for discussing the idea of resurrection. Integral to the Christian faith, resurrection is the event of bringing back to life something that was already dead, and that is exactly what the scientists in Jurassic World do. But there is a difference in the resurrection of this film and the resurrection promised to those who wish to follow God.

The former is simply a reiteration of the physical body; nothing has been changed, and nothing has been improved. It is still susceptible to death and therefore isn’t anything to praise. The Christian idea of resurrection, however, is much more glorious. If we are to take our cue from Jesus’s own resurrection, instead of being reinstated into the same corruptible bodies, we will receive new bodies that are just as physical as the old ones but are somehow impervious to death and decay – suitable for the timelessness of eternity – just like Jesus when he ascended.

So maybe you’ve already seen this film and thoughts of resurrected dinosaurs are still scrounging around in your imagination. Or maybe you’ve been holding off to see it because you wanted to make sure it was really breaking all the box office records everyone’s saying it is. Either way, through Jurassic World, you have an opportunity to share and explain the idea of resurrection with someone who might not understand it, and that’s worth all the CGI pterodactyls in the world.

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