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On this special episode of Finding Christ In Cinema, we are joined by a genuine preacher to talk about his recent “At The Movies” Summer sermon series and how Christians can use popular culture for Christ without being conformed to this world. All that and more in 3…2…1!

Russ Adcox “At The Movies”

We are joined by special guest Russ Adcox, the long-time minister of the Maury Hills Church in Columbia, TN. He has his own personal blog that’s worth checking out, but he is also on Twitter if blogs aren’t your thing (though they should be). Every summer, he hosts a series of sermons based on exploring Christians elements embedded in the hit movies of the time. And Michael and I get a little virtual one-on-one interview with this guy.

Most recently, he pontificated on the theme of legalism vs. freedom in The Lego Movie. He bases his point on comparing and contrasting Bricksburg and Cloud Coo-Coo Land. Bricksburg is fully legalistic in that the way of life in Bricksburg is underscored by the instruction manual. Oppositely, Cloud Coo-Coo Land is just one crazy place with no rules whatsoever. But the common denominator between them lies in that they are two opposite and erring ends of the same spectrum of living life. Thus finding a solution means finding the middle ground between the two; that is, it’s all about living within the guidelines provided by the freedom of our own volition.

We at Finding Christ In Cinema completely agree with Russ’s mindset and outlook: using culture as a platform to spread the Good News of God’s own rescue operation for his beloved. We first introduced this premise back in FCC 05: Christian Themes in Planet of the Apes and then elaborated it later in FCC 14: Your Favorite Movies From A Christian Perspective. But before any of that, the Apostle Paul did it while visiting the Athenian citizens.

And we can actually do all this by not “conforming” to the world. One could very well say that we are pressing ourselves into the mold of the world by confronting society in this fashion. Paul himself “became all things to all men so that he might save some.”

Hence the reason why we’re only called to be signposts and point people in the right direction. Like Morpheus says: “I can only show you the door…you’re the one that has to walk through it.” In the same way, we can only show people that God loves them; they are the ones that have to choose to embrace it.

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