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Marty McFly’s journey in the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy is like a Christian’s journey in life: in the first film, he attains salvation and justification; in the second film, he is disciplined because of his pride; and in BACK TO THE FUTURE Part III, he goes through sanctification.

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The (process of) Sanctification of Marty McFly

It must be difficult to watch the Back to the Future trilogy and not be reminded of the Christian walk. In the first film, Marty McFly is saved by the lightning bolt that strikes the clock tower and supercharges the DeLorean’s flux capacitor when it could not otherwise be restored. In this second film, however, even though Marty is “saved,” he still has some kinks to work out – his pride, namely.

And in this third installment, we return to Marty still struggling with the same problem of pride. Even in the context of the Old West, Marty still bucks up whenever someone calls him “yella,” which is the 1885 equivalent of “chicken.” It’s this same pride that gets him fired in 2015 (in the second film), and it’s the same pride that got his frontiersman ancestor Martin stabbed in the stomach. It isn’t until Marty is told by his great-great-great grandfather Seamus and his wife Maggie to start thinking about the future that he starts to do so.

Doc Brown also encourages Marty to stop being so prideful because it is what gets him injured in his own present time (1985) when he decides to race Needles and then crashes into a Rolls Royce – an event that thankfully does not happen because Marty does finally heed his ancestors and Doc Brown’s warnings to stop being so irritable.

This image from BACK TO THE FUTURE Part III shows Marty McFly being shot in the gunfight with Buford Mad Dog Tannen.

The real magic happens, though, when Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen has Doc Brown at gunpoint and is threatening to shoot him if Marty doesn’t come out and face him. Much to everyone’s surprise, Marty does come out, but instead of drawing his gun, he removes it – belt and all – and tries to settle the matter with Buford “like men.” Buford will have none of it, so he shoots Marty in the chest, knocking him back a couple of feet. But as Buford approaches to ensure the kill, Marty comes to and disarms Tannen into a wheelbarrow full of…you guessed it…manure.

And because Marty didn’t act on his pride in that moment – he was, after all, a “crack shot” at the 7-11 game and could have very well killed Tannen – he was better able to deny that pride once again when back in the future. Needles challenges him to a race – a race that would have cost Marty his future life – but Marty refuses. He stops his pride from controlling him, just as he had been disciplined to do.

That is the Christian walk in a nutshell. First, we are saved from death by the power of God’s love. Then, after we’ve accepted that love, we subject ourselves to God’s divine discipline; after all, God disciplines those whom He loves, and He will craft them and mold them to bear His image to the world. Even after they’ve been “saved,” they’ve still got a long way to go. This journey, or process, is that of sanctification – being sanctified, set apart, holy – and it is what makes us Christians stick out in the world.

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