Your Favorite Movies From A Christian Perspective

Finding Christ In Cinema is part of the Great Commission Transmission Network – using New Media and Social Networking to “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” – Mark 16:15 [NLT]

This image is the Finding Christ In Cinema logo in purple and gold and used for iTunes podcast artwork.On Finding Christ In This is an image of the Great Commission Transmission Network's GCTN badge logo in the red version.Cinema we dig deep into the silver-screen classics of yesteryear as well as the box-office hits of today. We take a closer look at the stories they tell, and see if we find the face of Jesus looking back. We’ll explore the deeper meanings of these films; their plots and their twists; the characters and their choices; and how we can relate them to the gospel of salvation, and ultimately our Christian walk.

Lord willing, listeners can expect new episodes in your favorite podcast app every week with releases scheduled for Monday mornings. We’ll also turn on the live studio camera as we record the podcast. You can catch us in the studio each Friday at approximately 3:45pm, Eastern Time on the GCTNetwork LIVE page. There’s a chat room as well so that you can interact with us in real time.

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As featured on the front page of the Shelbyville Times-Gazette

About The Hosts

brenden taylorBrenden is a graduate student currently pursuing his Master in Theatre Arts degree with Regent University. He is an educational assistant and tutor at a local elementary school by day and a theatre practitioner by night. He likes to live-tweet his favorite movies and provide snarky commentary against the status quo at @LeviTheBeliever. He also thinks he’s a writer and occasionally publishes a poem or an unsolicited opinion piece at his blog The Book of Brenden.

michael tMichael is a Digital Missionary and the founder of the Great Commission Transmission Network. He has over 9 years of podcasting and Internet broadcasting experience. After producing and hosting over 500 podcast episodes on a variety of subjects Michael is now focusing his time and talent in digital new media toward fulfilling the Great Commission as given in Matthew 28: 19, 20. Thus GCTN was created. He is a a follower of Jesus Christ; musician; recording engineer by trade; husband; father of 4; homeschooling dad; Bible student; mouseketeer; and geek. He holds firm to the truth that Captain Kirk is superior to Captain Picard in the same way that Elvis is superior to The Beatles.

Michael can be found podcasting and video blogging at gctnetwork.com, as well as tweeting into the aether at @MichaelGCTN

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