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The love of God and kindness to others are just two Christian themes in Charles Dickens’ classic story A Christmas Carol. In this episode of the Finding Christ In Cinema podcast, we discuss these themes and how you can use them to talk about God.

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The Love of God is Not In Him…Yet

Ebenezer Scrooge is a hard man, especially at Christmas time. His father left him alone at the schoolhouse for several years in a row, his sister died giving birth to her son, his fiancé left him, and his business partner has died. All these tragic events have turned Scrooge’s heart to stone, and they have brought him near to a place beyond redemption.

The only thing that has kept Scrooge “soft” – in the basest sense of the word – is his love of money. He values his coins in his hand more than his clerk in his counting house. He refuses to donate to charity because he already “supports” – again, in the basest sense of the word – the prisons and workhouses. And worst of all, he wishes that anyone who can’t find their comfort in those establishments had better die and do it quick. Obviously, the love of God is not in this man.

This image from A CHRISTMAS CAROL shows Scrooge looking at Marley's chain.

Such is the stasis of our protagonist until Jacob Marley shows up. And Marley has not been stirred from his grave to bring comfort to his old business partner; instead, he has come to make Scrooge aware of the doom that awaits him upon death. But after he has opened Scrooge’s eyes to his folly, Marley then tells Scrooge of a chance he has to escape such fate. And thankfully, Scrooge jumps at the chance, even if timidly so, and the love of God is once again awakened in Scrooge – this time, forevermore.

Fan the Flame of Kindness

The Spirits of Christmas, however, still had their work cut out for them. Someone as wretched as Scrooge has to be softened up before they can even lean toward repentance, and for Scrooge, that decalcifying process starts by examining the kindness in Scrooge’s past that originated from Scrooge’s sister Fan and flows through her son and Scrooge’s nephew Fred.

As Scrooge is spending another Christmas alone at school, Fan bursts in through the door and back into Scrooge’s heart, fanning the flame (heh) of love within him. And while that warmth momentarily brought Scrooge back home, it quickly vanished as Fan died giving birth to Fred, who carries his mother’s patience for the mean uncle.

This image from A CHRISTMAS CAROL shows Fan hugging Young Scrooge and Old Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Past looking on.But when Scrooge recognizes his sister’s kindness in his nephew, he is then able to let his heart be softened once again in order that he may continue in his walk with the Spirits of Christmas all year long. Scrooge then starts his new walk by accepting Fred’s invitation to Christmas dinner. Fred welcomes him with open arms and a smile – the same open arms and smile that he got from his mother, Scrooge’s sister Fan.

Key Texts

1 John 3:17 NLT

If someone has enough money to live well and sees a brother or sister in need but shows no compassion—how can God’s love be in that person?

Romans 2:4 NLT

Don’t you see how wonderfully kind, tolerant, and patient God is with you? Does this mean nothing to you? Can’t you see that his kindness is intended to turn you from your sin?

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